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Our Chef
Marcos Arellano

Marcos Arellano is the one to blame for the making of these spectacular and tasty ceviches! One day, after working several years as a food prep, Marcos’s roommate asked him to prepare some shrimp ceviche. Marcos decided – even though he did not know how to prepare it – that he would give it a shot, so…he fried it! When his roommate came back, he found an enthusiastic Marcos who was proud of his creation. His roommate laughed and he proceed to teach Marcos how to make real ceviche.

Marcos was so delighted by the real ceviche’s taste that he wanted to learn how to prepare it. He then prepared it for his friends and coworkers and noticed they really enjoyed it. He realized making ceviche could be a potential business opportunity for him.

Excited about this idea, Marcos prepared different batches, always trying to perfect the flavor of each ceviche until he finally found the right recipe. As he explored different ways to prepare it, he added new ceviches to the menu such as the octopus and halibut ceviches.

Dare to grab a bite of Shark Bite Ceviche and experience a thrill for your palate!